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Book Reviews

Health Is Simple, Disease is Complicated

A Systems Approach to Vibrant Health

“[T]he human body isn’t just a machine that breaks down and needs its parts replaced, like an automobile; it is a magnificently intelligent, self-healing organism that is capable of creating vibrant health and well-being,” James Forleo writes. The author of Health Is Simple, Disease is Complicated: A Systems Approach to Vibrant Health (North Atlantic Books, 978-1-55643-718-2) shows readers how the human body works and how to care for it. Forleo, a chiropractor who also has experience in kinesiology, nutrition, and osteopathy, says that before the symptoms of disease arise, our bodies send signals that something is not right. If we recognize these signs, we can make the necessary corrections.

The book includes exercises for both the body and mind that are designed to increase flexibility and improve cooperation between both sides of the brain. Forleo recommends readers check their body’s pH regularly and eat the appropriate foods for their body type, which is determined by the “dominance of a particular endocrine organ throughout a person’s develop-ment.” Forleo recognizes four types: the Pituitary, Thyroid, Adrenal, and Gonadal types. The Thyroid body type is long and lean. People of this type should avoid coffee and black tea.

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