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Heal Your Family

Get Love and Life to Flow from Your Ancestors to You and Your Children

Clarion Rating: 4 out of 5

Heal Your Family is an intriguing self-help book about how to make peace with a difficult family history.

Magui Block’s soulful self-help book Heal Your Family forwards fresh insights on dealing with the weight of family relationships.

The book explores a person’s “invisible family legacy”—the inheritances of their unique DNA that represent the total experiences of their ancestors. These can include family problems passed on through difficult histories. It is a guidebook for connecting to, making use of, and even healing from that material. Such work is done through the “Magui Block Method”—a mixture of guided meditation, breathwork, and intentional phrases that can lead to transformation.

The idea of the invisible family legacy is intriguing, leading into a wide-ranging exploration of a person’s past and the relationships that have formed them. Paired with the complementary notion of “soul weight”—the effect that legacies have on a person’s spirit—notions of the invisible family legacy are bound to lead to self-reflection, and the Magui method is a useful means of doing such work. Collectively, these notions are engaging and useful.

Organized into four chapters—focused on the Magui method, one’s legacy, five keys to healing, and the price of healing—the book is thoughtfully structured, if its third chapter takes up disproportionate space. The five keys cover considerable ground, but they cost the book momentum and are a challenge to read through. They include “include everyone,” “get your family in order,” and “take life energy from your ancestors.” These are worthwhile concepts, but there’s so much different work being done that it becomes difficult to engage with them individually.

Approachable writing includes frequent examples that help to explore various family issues—things like why holidays are stressful, how it feels to be left out, and what to do about problem relatives. Its mixture of pop psychology and soulful notions is compelling. This is hopeful work, proposing a way through family difficulties and pain that includes grounded, meditative awareness. The result is a refreshing psychological space in which to stand beyond being a victim of circumstance or of a dysfunctional family.

The book is well formatted, with clear headings and subheadings directing its content. It includes a detailed table of contents and is easy to navigate.

The book’s broad scope includes psychology, spiritualism, family systems, and birth order, making for a wide-ranging investigation of its invisible family legacy. Stories drawn from psychotherapy sessions become evidence in support of the claim that addressing one’s heritage leads to an improved life. The whole package best stands to persuade those steeped in body, mind, and spirit literature.

Heal Your Family is an intriguing self-help book about how to make peace with a difficult family history.

Reviewed by Jeremiah Rood

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