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God's Will for the Rest of Us

Clarion Rating: 5 out of 5

Many books are written by well-known preachers proclaiming how Christians can know “God’s will.” According to Tom Mayhew, those preachers usually limit their scope to service within the walls of the church. But most people don’t spend their lives inside a church building, so Mayhew examines how “the rest of us” can understand and find God’s will.

Unfortunately, God’s plan for an individual’s life isn’t provided in the form of a detailed outline that can be followed with unquestioned certainty. Questions such as “Am I following the right career path?” or “How do I know if I’m on the right track at all?” frequently enter a believer’s mind. Since Mayhew’s background includes over twenty years of experience in the information technology industry, college degrees in electrical engineering, theology and business, and military service as a Reserve officer and a deployment to Iraq, Mayhew has often encountered questions about God’s will in his own life.

Mayhew explores how to view these types of life-searching queries from four biblical perspectives—the Warrior, the Runner, the Farmer, and the Sacrifice. Although each viewpoint contains unique traits, learning how they complement each other will help a believer develop a well-rounded understanding of how God’s will is revealed in even the most basic, day-to-day happenings.

The Warrior must realize that spiritual warfare is a constant reality, but God has provided all the armor and protection needed to be victorious. Mayhew describes the various pieces of equipment, both offensive and defensive, that must be mastered to stand firm in battle.

As a Runner, Mayhew emphasizes the importance of being well-conditioned and able to endure great difficulties through increased stamina and keeping the final goal in mind. Feeding the mind and spirit with strong spiritual nourishment allows the Christian to maintain focus and keep running when times get hard.

The Farmer knows that patience and experience are vital characteristics to deal with lengthy planting seasons, unpredictable weather, and all the trials faced to produce a successful harvest.

Mayhew ends with the perspective of the Sacrifice, whose purpose is to fully honor God by becoming a living sacrifice and totally surrendering his life to God’s purposes.

Mayhew skillfully reveals how the rest of us can realize God’s will if we are willing to look beyond the church’s walls and look instead into His Word.

Reviewed by Jeff Friend

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