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God Is

Meditations on the Existence, Nature, and Character of God

Clarion Rating: 4 out of 5

God Is is an enthusiastic argument for the existence and benevolence of God.

Garland Grimes’s bold religious treatise God Is introduces God to audiences from a Christian standpoint.

Standing against the religious pessimism that it says leads to the censoring of religious and intellectual voices, this is a book that makes an effort to take atheism on, and to debunk disbelief. It says that the universe’s origins, and human beings’ main characteristics, cannot be explained without God, and it seeks to draw connections between contemporary scientific methods and ancient modes of understanding the world. Longing to return to a time when science and religion were considered harmonious, it champions theism and biblical positions regarding God’s nature.

In service of its arguments, the book is prone to quoting religious skeptics who recognized aspects of theism, including Aristotle, who said that human beings were not just material objects; and Robert Jastrow, a physicist who said that the universe’s existence was subject to chance, and that its cause could not be contingent. It combines these appeals to authority with a question-and-answer tackling of topics like science’s supposed inability to explain phenomena including the regular and harmonious order of natural processes, and scientific claims that the universe created itself. Its discussions are followed by biblical explanations, as of God’s orderly design of the universe.

The book’s theological explanations are bolstered by quotes from scripture that present God as transcendent and immanent; the book also names God as just, faithful, and loving. Biblical accounts are also appealed to in support of the book’s arguments, including New Testament parables. The book’s representations of such material are short and straightforward; they are present most to complement its claims. The result is a neat and thoughtful treatise that moves from the massive question of whether God exists, into confronting arguments against theism, and finally into lauding God’s traits. Its view is comprehensive and comprehensible, and it communicates its philosophical and theological perspectives in a clear, formal manner.

The book appeals to outsiders with its personalized discussions of the divine beauty in people, which is reflected in the outside world as well. It celebrates individual identities, too. Such efforts come in the course of its systematic handlings of topics, which are all made to relate back to arguments in favor of God’s existence, and about God’s nature.

God Is is an enthusiastic argument for the existence and benevolence of God.

Reviewed by Edith Wairimu

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