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Book Review

Why They Stay

by Rachel Jagareski

"Why They Stay" includes entertaining fodder for better understanding what bargains highly successful women make in order to endure in scandal-plagued marriages. Knowing that is hard to understand why so many strong, smart, accomplished... Read More

Book Review


by Michele Sharpe

Full of positive messages about women and aging, "Pearls" is an upbeat collection of folk wisdom. Retired sociologist Dot Nuechterlein’s "Pearls" gathers personal testimonies on aging from over eighty women; the book represents over... Read More

Book Review

Abuelita Faith

by Meg Nola

"Abuelita Faith" is a passionate study of the role that marginalized women play in promoting religious values. Citing their “wisdom, persistence, and strength,” it notes the moral resilience of women, and how their modest homes often... Read More

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