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Book Review

The Missing Myth

by Michelle Anne Schingler

“Homosexuality is an honor and a gift,” writes biologist Gilles Herrada, PhD, in a book which seeks to afford gay communities both historical closure and self-understanding. Both are critical to helping homosexuals metamorphose... Read More

Book Review

Who's Yer Daddy?

by Elizabeth Breau

“Influences are of course not simply a list of books read, but, as the word suggests a flowing into. It might be a rambling, a series of confluences.” In his contribution to this anthology, Greg Hewett further suggests that if the... Read More

Book Review

Gay in America

by Julie Eakin

“Nothing is worse than the self-hatred you feel when you are taught that something so integral to who you are is wrong,” reads the preface to "Gay in America" by photographer Scott Pasfield. His stirring portraits and interviews of... Read More

Book Review

Survival House 1977

by Elizabeth Millard

In San Francisco during the late 1970s, Survival House provided housing and social services for homeless gay and transgendered people. Acting as a halfway house, the home offered a supportive community for those who struggled with their... Read More

Book Review

I Came Out For This?

by Kristine Morris

Lisa Gitlin’s story of first love has all the passion, drama, and roller-coaster ups and downs that most writings on the topic have, but with a difference—Gitlin’s heroine, Joanna Kane, is a Jewish lesbian writer who in her own... Read More

Book Review

The Manly Art of Seduction

Despite the more salacious connotations of the word, seduction can be an art form, believes author Perry Brass. Just as an artist lays out the colors on a palette before he can begin painting, “…a good seducer knows that only by... Read More

Book Review

In My Father's Shadow

If Chris Welles Feder’s new memoir were just another biography of the entertainment giant Orson Welles, it would still be cause for celebration among scholars and fans of the man and his work. Welles Feder has presented us more than a... Read More

Book Review

Together Forever

“There is no way around the simple fact that before a new soul can emerge the old soul first has to go through a few nasty little birth pangs,” says the author. He’s talking about forming gay marriages that work. He means that to... Read More

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