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Book Review

Lady of the Moon

by Matt Sutherland

This collaborative project features Amy Lowell’s lesbian love poetry from the early twentieth century, an essay by Lillian Faderman that analyzes Lowell’s poetry and her relationship with actress Ada Dwyer Russell, and lastly, Mary... Read More

Book Review

Girl Sex 101

by Jill Allen

With diagrams, health tips, and social analysis, this book more than succeeds in its goal of promoting body-positive attitudes in all women. "Girl Sex 101"—jauntily written by queer author and sex-workshop presenter Allison Moon, and... Read More

Book Review

In a New Century

by Patty Sutherland

D’Emilio’s decades of immersion in the LGBT community gives his words a palpable integrity. In a New Century: Essays on Queer History, Politics, and Community Life, by John D’Emilio, covers the history of the LGBT community from... Read More

Book Review


by Barbara Bamberger Scott

"Fingerless" expresses the angst that the gender-switching heroine feels as self-destructive thoughts mingle with moments of simple happiness. Ian Donnell Arbuckle’s third novel, "Fingerless", delves into the inner thoughts of Lita... Read More

Book Review

The Missing Myth

by Michelle Anne Schingler

“Homosexuality is an honor and a gift,” writes biologist Gilles Herrada, PhD, in a book which seeks to afford gay communities both historical closure and self-understanding. Both are critical to helping homosexuals metamorphose... Read More

Book Review

Who's Yer Daddy?

by Elizabeth Breau

“Influences are of course not simply a list of books read, but, as the word suggests a flowing into. It might be a rambling, a series of confluences.” In his contribution to this anthology, Greg Hewett further suggests that if the... Read More

Book Review

Gay in America

by Julie Eakin

“Nothing is worse than the self-hatred you feel when you are taught that something so integral to who you are is wrong,” reads the preface to "Gay in America" by photographer Scott Pasfield. His stirring portraits and interviews of... Read More

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