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Book Review

Darkest Hour Before Dawn

by Joseph S. Pete

Action scenes are written cinematically, and it’s not difficult to imagine fights playing out on a movie theater screen. Charlie Cochet’s "Darkest Hour Before Dawn" is the ninth installment in the THIRDS series, a paranormal gay... Read More

Book Review

The Bravest Thing

by Amanda Adams

Lascarso’s writing is enthralling and stays true to the inner workings of a seventeen-year-old mind. Following the tumultuous, burgeoning relationship between two teenage boys in rural Texas, "The Bravest Thing", by Laura Lascarso, is... Read More

Book Review


by Susan Waggoner

Choyce’s refusal to pigeonhole his characters makes them into people most readers will easily care about. Two teen outsiders become unlikely friends and, ultimately, allies, in Lesley Choyce’s well-written and compulsively readable... Read More

Book Review

A Careful Heart

by Monica Carter

Violence in relationships can affect anyone, as "A Careful Heart" compellingly proves. "A Careful Heart" is a romance novel by way of domestic abuse. Sound improbable? Perhaps, but Ralph Josiah Bardsley takes on that often-neglected... Read More

Book Review

Sins of Our Fathers

by Amanda Adams

This novel seamlessly blends a ghastly murder mystery with an intriguing romance. A thematically compelling journey through a town’s dark underbelly, "Sins of Our Fathers", by A. Rose Mathieu, is an excellent blend of mystery and... Read More

Book Review

Sons of Devils

by Gregory A. Lowe

"Sons of Devils" is an enthralling mystery and would be enjoyed by anyone who enjoys a dark narrative with moments of humor. "Sons of Devils", by Alex Beecroft, is a mystery with gothic, supernatural elements and a charming ensemble of... Read More

Book Review

Hopeless Romantic

by Claire Foster

"Hopeless Romantic" is an incredible, vibrant, timely romance that puts the emphasis on the T in LGBTQ. What happens when you fall in love with someone who defies everything you think you know about men, women, gender, queerness, and... Read More

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