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From the Redwood Forest

From the Redwood Forest: Ancient Trees and the Bottom Line—A Headwaters Journey is the most intimate, well researched book on deforestation in the Northern California region that has been written to-date. Dunning brings her personal, nature-induced spirit and expertise to tackle authoring this pictorial essay filled with graphic reality, thanks to Thron’s photography.

Dunning relays her own story of being drawn into the activism in the community’s war between locals and Maxxam Corporation/Pacific Lumber Company to save the last of the 2,000-year-old redwood trees that remain—Maxxam being the “bad guy” in favor of logging to create more paper and picnic tables. Injected into this massacre of the last of the redwoods are the intricate domino effects on the cycle of life to owls, fowl, salmon, salamander, plant life, and, of course, human beings. Black-and-white sketches, illustrated by the author herself, add to the nurturing spirit and nature theme.

This book provides not only a platform for presenting the problems, at the risk of exposing a major corporation’s deceptive tactics, but clearly takes one targeted arena of environmental devastation to elaborate on specific to generalized cause-and-effects.

Accolades again to Chelsea Green Publishing Company for another great primer on trees and forestry.

Reviewed by Nancy Tamburello

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