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From Soul to Soulmate

Bridges from Near-Death Experience Wisdom

Clarion Rating: 4 out of 5

People who have had a near-death experience (NDE) report that it has taught them, above all, the primacy of love—that no matter what the details of one’s life may include, the lesson we are here to learn, and our real mission, is to give and receive love. Jody A. Long’s Near-Death Experience Research Foundation (NDERF) Web site has about 2,400 experiences that are classified as NDEs or probable or possible NDEs. Her research reveals that “the number one concept to emerge is love as a lesson or purpose on earth.” In her book, From Soul to Soulmate, she writes, “Most people reported becoming more loving after the NDE. Some equated this love to being more loving of their family, friends, and humanity in general.”

Long is a divorce lawyer and was an assistant district attorney for the State of New Mexico; she has been actively involved in investigating and writing about consciousness for more than ten years and runs several Web sites related to consciousness studies and near-death experiences. She devotes the first portion of her book to the words of people who have found their attitudes and lives changed as a result of their NDE, and suggests learning from the messages of peace, love, tolerance, and brotherhood they bring.

Long’s book is more than a guide to finding one’s soulmate, and although she does offer tips on how to do just that, she has also included excerpts from the soulmate stories posted on her Web site,, and compiled a list of some of the qualities described as being characteristic of soulmate relationships. These include the feeling of having been together before, true friendship, deep understanding and trust, having the same beliefs, and an immediate and strong feeling of connection. What may be even more valuable is the timeless wisdom she offers on how to be a soulmate in the committed relationship one may already have.

From Soul to Soulmate clarifies the characteristics of a healthy relationship and offers very pointed and much-needed instruction on how to recognize and avoid forming relationships with psychologically or emotionally unhealthy, and sometimes dangerous, individuals; it also dispels the myth that finding one’s soulmate guarantees a life of effortless and continual bliss.

Long’s easy-to-read book will captivate readers seeking their soulmate as well as those interested in NDEs and what they have to teach us about the eternal importance of building loving relationships in this life. It also offers multi-dimensional perspectives on the karmic nature and enduring quality of relationships, coupled with realistic guidance on how to become the kind of person who will attract, and build, relationships that are healthy, safe, and lasting.

Reviewed by Kristine Morris

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