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Fertility Yoga

A Natural Approach to Conception

2013 INDIES Finalist
Finalist, Health (Adult Nonfiction)

Sage advice for a healthful yoga practice is bolstered by careful research and excellent photographs and instructions.

Fertility Yoga, a beautifully written and illustrated guide to natural conception, offers a multitude of pregnancy enhancing strategies for both sexes, especially those financially and emotionally frustrated with the conventional medical model. This is a rare read that will appeal to both the skeptic seeking practical ways to reduce stress, regulate ovulation, or increase sperm production, and the deeply spiritual individual wanting to create a sacred vessel for a new soul. Fertility specialists, counselors, midwives, and yoga teachers will also find this an invaluable resource for working with women and men who are contemplating pregnancy or may be struggling to conceive.

Kerstin Leppert, a German Kundalini yoga teacher, mother of two, and author of four previous books about yoga, writes from a place of deep understanding and compassion for those seeking to be parents. A profound love for the reader permeates every page, and the stunning illustrations enhance the sanctity of this powerful book.

Kundalini yoga, introduced to the West by Yogi Bhajan in 1968, is an intensely spiritual and comprehensive style of yoga that integrates chant, meditation, hatha yoga, diet, and breath to facilitate releasing the latent energy, called kundalini, that sits at the base of the spine. From yoga postures, herbal teas, and breath exercises that regulate hormones and reduce stress to chakra opening chants, meditations, and visualizations that help prepare body, mind, and soul for pregnancy, the practices seem tailor made for enhancing fertility.

The nearly two dozen yoga postures are accompanied by excellent photographs and instructions. Most of the poses are for women, though there are several specifically for men, a few for couples to do together, and a sequence designed for hormonal balance.

Leppert has also included a carefully researched and extensive array of additional conventional and alternative modalities that are thought to enhance fertility. These include a myriad of techniques to create radiant physical health, reduce stress, improve relationships, heal psychological problems, and find more joy, balance, and fulfillment in life. Leppert writes, “The optimal conditions for conception are created when your heart, mind, and core are in unison, and your thoughts, feelings, and actions harmonize with one another.”

For the curious and those of a more metaphysical bend, Leppert shares fascinating fertility-relevant insights into reincarnation, karma, guided visualization, and chanting.

The final chapter explores a variety of juicy options such as belly dancing and couples massage for bringing more happiness into one’s life or reinvigorating a sex life.

Leppert closes with a jewel of sage advice for those who have tried everything to conceive yet remain infertile: “Trust the wisdom of your body, even when it doesn’t seem to be doing what you want it to.”

Reviewed by Patty Sutherland

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