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Family of Light

Internationally-known trance channel and author of Bringers of the Dawn and Earth, (which have sold half a million copies and translated into more than a dozen languages), Barbara Marciniak now offers a third work of Pleiadian advice and survival tools in the Family of Light. The period between the years 1987 and 2012 is said to be “a nanosecond in the annals of existence where secrets and solutions are stored.” This crucial time frame gives mankind the unique opportunity to move from the deepest of density to the highest of frequencies as we shift from linear to multidimensional. This now is the season of change.

The Pleiadians describe themselves as a conscious and alive energy collective, as well as “system busters” in search of other “system busters” in the Family of Light. Their intention is to jiggle mankind’s consciousness and help us become beings of value, purpose, love and complete responsibility. They create openings of energy so we can relax and understand who we are in the immense process of ongoing change.

From the Pleiadian perspective, they look at the “Book of Earth” as a metaphor of the learning possible here on earth—a rich and textured living history where secrets are stored in the hidden stories of Earth and in our blood. They speak of our great inheritance as part of a celestial family. Marciniak artfully and diligently presents their recommendations for development: exercises that help us to go inside and claim our spirit; detoxification; the release of fears and resentments; re-evaluation and rethinking of our habits—the way we breathe, sit, eat and sleep; the expression of feelings; and the healing of ancestral memories among other commentaries. Regardless of the source, the advice is good. A real urgency is felt that if we are ever going to work on ourselves, there could be no better time. Marciniak speaks of the Family of Dark as well because this aspect of life must be addressed. Her message is ultimately a positive one encouraging us to create our own reality as six billion gods awaken. The opportunity is to heal the human spirit and restructure ourselves as multidimensional beings. She writes that the DNA in our biological structure and the multi-dimensional DNA that connects us to our expanded identity are designed to unfold naturally within us. We are encouraged to trust the process even in chaos.

Compellingly written, fast-paced and ideologically challenging, Marciniak pushes the reader to take another look at what being human is as we approach the millennium. Another sure winner for Marciniak and her Pleiadian pals.

Reviewed by Sophia Tarila

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