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Facing Your Fifties

Every Man's Reference Guide to Mid-Life Health

Baby Boomers represent a huge and formidable percentage of our population, and they have been hitting that dreaded milestone—age fifty—in record numbers. But Boomers are not as accepting of the aging process as previous generations. They are the ones trying to defy time by populating health spas, organic vegetarian restaurants, health food stores, and fitness centers. They are searching for any magic bullets that will keep them active forever.

This book is one such bullet for Boomer guys. Men, of any age, are notorious for their refusal to ask others for directions or advice. But this is one book they will embrace.
Co-authored by a medical doctor who specializes in medical problems of adults, and a professional writer who can present complex medical issues in lay terms, this guide really does address the inevitable maladies that will confront men as they hit “the big five-oh.”

The book is laid out in such a way that a reader can study it cover-to-cover initially for a solid overview, but can then refer to individual chapters later, as the need arises. Subjects include the cardiovascular and respiratory networks, prostate problems, male menopause, and various types of cancer.

Each chapter walks the reader through the steps to recovery, starting with the background basics of an ailment and finishing with possible treatments. Particular attention is paid to physical ailments that crop up in men who refuse to accept the fact that they are not the same athletes they were three decades before. A way to curb knee tendonitis, for example, may be as simple as avoiding running on a banked surface.

While the table of contents is very thorough, an index would have made the book an even more practical reference guide. Still, this book should have a place on every bookshelf, within easy reach for those men who need to find out for themselves.

Reviewed by Karl Kunkel

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