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A Journey into Self--Into the Light--and a Path Toward Peace

Clarion Rating: 2 out of 5

Névine Salvadé’s memoir tells the story of her cosmopolitan life full of impulse and compassion which led to her spiritual awakening and a desire to help others.

Born to a beautiful American mother and a sometimes abusive Lebanese father Salvadé spent her childhood in the Middle East and her early adult life in Europe. Her troubled upbringing fueled by her parents’ religious and cultural differences causes Salvadé to yearn for tolerance peace and understanding.

Compassion is a dizzying mix of philosophy and the author’s unusual life story sometimes connected and sometimes not. Clear links between events consequences and spiritual growth are often lacking.

Salvadé believes in synchronicity—that everything happens for a reason—and provides a fine example of how fate kept her husband and young daughters from running an errand perhaps saving them from becoming part of a three-car fatal accident. Coincidentally she knew some of the victims and feels compelled to find a survivor in the hospital and share her views of life after death. This results in spiritual healing for the survivor but then the book takes a startling turn.

Synchronicity and a visit from an angel prompt Salvadé to adopt a puppy and name her Zilka for the angel. She writes “it is through Zilka that we saved our marriage.” Events however seem to tell the opposite story. Salvadé takes Zilka to Hans a professional dog trainer. She is immediately infatuated and impulsively becomes immersed in his life and business. “In all truthfulness our physical connection barely last an hour yet the emotional link seemed eternal” she writes.

Salvadé soon realizes that her life’s purpose is to guide others to connect with their inner “self.”

Although deeply hurt by his womanizing Salvadé decides she must show Hans unconditional love and compassion. She helps him overcome his personal problems and put his international business on track. She admits her involvement with Hans caused marital problems but neither the problems nor resolutions are adequately explained. Did she leave her family? How did her involvement with Hans save her marriage? Salvadé’s story breathlessly continues with stated spiritual awakening and a greater sense of purpose but the dots need connecting for readers.

Compassion suffers from a lack of professional packaging and the book needs editing for structure and clarity.

Salvadé’s discussion of prophetic dreams and channeling her delight in synchronicity and encounters with the world beyond will intrigue readers seeking “self” through such spirituality.

The author wonders why does “my compassion for lost souls reach such extremes? Why could I not be a normal person?” The answers lie in this engaging seeker’s compassionate heart and soul and her earnest desire to help others.

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