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Colours of the Spirit

A Universal, Scientific, and Practical Guide to Self-Transformation

Clarion Rating: 5 out of 5

Spiritual enlightenment is the elusive goal of many religious seekers. They view it as a moment of profound understanding and connection to the universe, and a powerful and life changing event. Most people, however, never experience this miracle. In Colours of the Spirit, Janet Faubert asserts that the practice of meditation offers everyone a chance to achieve a connection with the divine that lives within each one of us. Through an examination of quantum physics, religious (primarily Christian) doctrine and her own experiences, Faubert outlines a path to a more peaceful and harmonious life with or without the gift of a mystical experience.

Colours of the Spirit opens with an examination of religion. Faubert states that all religions share the same basic tenets including a belief in God, a mandate to take care of one another, and belief in the soul, aspiration, revelation, and some sort of heaven. Though there are unlimited perspectives and ways to practice religion, these fundamental components do serve to unite all religious institutions under one Truth.

Faubert also states that there are three universal laws. The first law is the freedom of choice. We are free to choose the way we will live our lives. The second law is thought, word and deed. Thought represents our beliefs and expectations; words are what we choose to express; deeds are our actions and behavior. Together, thought, word and deed manifest reality. The third law is cause and effect. What a person chooses to put into the world is what a person can expect to receive from the world.

The heart of the book is a discussion of color meditation. Faubert writes that through meditation people can improve all aspects of their lives and become closer to God. Specific colors vibrate with specific energies and she summarizes them as follows: “Red will help in acceptance and direction of love, bringing harmony to personal relationships. Orange will calm and comfort you and quell depression and doubt. In the yellow light, claim information that is vital knowledge about the condition or will help in the quest. Blue will reveal the truth of the illness and treatment. Purple, violet and white enhance spiritual insight and peace.” By choosing thought, word and deed, and living life with kindness and love, by meditating using the methods she outlines here, anyone can transform their lives and their spirits.

This book is a fascinating synthesis of physics and metaphysics, of the mundane and the magical. It is both intellectually challenging and spiritually inviting. At the end of the book, the author tells a story of being twenty years old and called upon to share her hearts desire with a crowd of people. After a moment of panic she recalls stating that she wanted to create something that would touch another person’s heart. With Colours of the Spirit, she will no doubt touch many, many hearts.

Reviewed by Catherine Thureson

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