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Cloud Tea Monkeys

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Every morning, young Tashi walks down the gravel road with her mother to the tea plantation. While her mother walks up and down the rows picking fresh leaves, Tashi hides out in a secret, shady area with a family of monkeys. One fateful morning, she wakes up to find her mother terribly sick in bed. Knowing they will not have enough money for a doctor if her mother cannot work, she cries and cries in her hideaway on the plantation, until the monkeys appear to console her. Suddenly, they scream and disappear into the cloudy mountains. Hours later, they return with a basket full of sweet smelling leaves. She brings the “cloud tea” leaves to the Royal Tea Taster, who pays her a handful of gold coins for the leaves. With the money, she pays a doctor to come to her small mountain village and cure her mother’s illness.

This story, based on an old legend from the Himalayas, is full of detailed and enchanting illustrations. Perfect for reading aloud to children ages four to eight.

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