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Changing the World One Invention at a Time

Clarion Rating: 5 out of 5

Every necessity and luxury item we take for granted today was once a mere idea in the mind of its creator. Civilization advances at a rate comparable to the rate of invention. Without the originators and risk-takers, the world would stagnate or flounder. Often, an idea takes hold when something in life isn’t working right, and experimentation is usually a safe procedure and the next step to a possible solution.

Changing the World One Invention at a Time is a guide for people interested in improvement. It’s for overachievers who think they have the answer to a problem and strong-willed individuals who believe they know how to accomplish a task with greater efficiency. Early in the book, author Richard Edward Rowe covers prototypes, innovation, inspiration, and strategy for teams. Later, he explains the basics of patent application, obviousness, and prior art. The book includes six appendices that elaborate on everything from patent law and the filing process to appeals, assignments, and licenses. He explains maintenance fees, specific rights granted, and enforcement, as well as foreign patents and infringement, adding an invention disclosure form template and a list of Web references.

Part one of Rowe’s “Creatively Inventing Framework” is the “Four-Step Opportunity Spotlight,” which involves asking and answering questions, refining, and stating the problem. Part two is a “Three-Step Inspiration Boost” that entails reflecting and thinking of solutions. The third and final part is a “Seven-Step Strategic Planning Process” that will allow a development team to gather information, assign ideas, and prioritize.

The book is illustrated with diagrams, drawings, and photographs. It uses bulleted and numbered lists to enhance an easy-to-read, concise division of topics in nine chapters, which keeps the information comprehensible to readers unfamiliar with patents.

Though he is not an attorney, Rowe’s knowledge is extensive. He has thirty years of experience as an inventor and holds more than one hundred patents. He is the CEO of Think Tek, Inc., a Las Vegas intellectual property development and consulting firm.

This organized and streamlined manual is a motivational tool that coaches the inventor from the earliest stage of development to the final patent. Rowe provides a user-friendly framework, which takes readers through the steps by answering common questions and encouraging interest and potential. This is a perfect instruction workbook for the beginner and an ideal addition to any inventor’s reference library.

Reviewed by Julia Ann Charpentier

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