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October 2019

Here are all of the books we've reviewed that were published October 2019.

Book Review

Little Hugs

by George Hajjar

Concerned with personal and spiritual relationships, "Little Hugs" is an insightful, encouraging poetry collection. Raman Mander’s poetry collection "Little Hugs" concerns love, self-worth, and spirituality. These accessible poems tend... Read More

Book Review

Suspended Sentence

by Karen Rigby

"Suspended Sentence" is an insightful memoir about a tense period within a family. Janice Morgan’s forthright memoir "Suspended Sentence" is about tenaciously parenting her adult bipolar son and helping him chart his own course. When... Read More

Book Review


by Delia Stanley

"Unfathomable" is a high-energy science fiction adventure made intriguing because of its modern and environmentalist viewpoints. In Thomas Pryce’s science fiction thriller "Unfathomable", an environmental activist uncovers a conspiracy... Read More

Book Review

Market Forces

by Laura Leavitt

"Market Forces" is a thoughtful analytical work for those who make decisions about the long-term strategies of their residential senior communities. According to Jill J. Johnson’s informative trend analysis text "Market Forces", the... Read More

Book Review

This Day Is Ours

by Claire Foster

Enriched by historical details and high-stakes adventures, "This Day Is Ours" is a masterful romance set in America’s early days. Fast-paced and lively as an unbroken filly, Gretchen Jeannette’s "This Day Is Ours" is a Robin... Read More

Book Review

The Next Election

by Delia Stanley

"The Next Election" marries love and government and exudes sensitivity and charm. Landon Wallace’s political romance "The Next Election" continues the story of star-crossed lovers who throw themselves into their work to avoid their... Read More

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