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May 2015

Here are all of the books we've reviewed that were published May 2015.

Book Review

You Jesus & The Father

by Melissa Wuske

This guide to fulfillment in Christ is presented in pulpit style, both forceful and urgent. You Jesus & The Father by Terry Williams is a ninety-day guide to religious commitment, full of encouragement and instruction for Christians.... Read More

Book Review

The Fiery Furnace

by Kenny Jakubas

"The Fiery Furnace" is a well-written, thoroughly entertaining novel of Europe in the thirteenth century. In F. Scott Kimmich’s second novel in the Ordeal By Fire trilogy, a fast-paced historical realism accurately captures life in the... Read More

Book Review

Between & Betwixt

by Eric Anderson

Never pandering to younger readers, this fast-paced and exciting YA fantasy features rich characters and a compelling plot. In Between & Betwixt, the first book of the Corridor of Doors Trilogy, B & T Pecile introduce the... Read More

Book Review

The Essential Daryl Hine

by Peter Dabbene

This collection demonstrates the best of Daryl Hine’s taut and finely wrought rhyming poetry. Rhyme, as used in poetry, is a tricky thing, often seen as a hallmark of unserious or juvenile thinking. With this reputation to overcome,... Read More

Book Review

Our Portion

by Matt Sutherland

Intensely cerebral, alive to every facet of his life’s pleasures, convictions, and ironies, Philip Terman has authored eight collections of poetry and chapbooks, and earned the Anna Davidson Rosenberg Award, the Sow’s Ear Prize, and... Read More

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