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February 2010

Here are all of the books we've reviewed that were published February 2010.

Book Review

Dancing Cancer

by Norma Dawn Kellam

In Dancing Cancer, Linda McDonald tells her grandchildren about three types of cancer she has faced in her life, while sharing with them the fulfillment of her dream of dancing. While the title fails to adequately join the two topics,... Read More

Book Review

The Suicide Sonnets

by Lisa Bower

Eddie Morales’ poetry collection, "The Suicide Sonnets", is a meditation on what suicide really entails. Rather than deal with the aftermath of such a death, these poems crawl into the psyche of someone truly considering ending their... Read More

Book Review

High Seas

by Maria Siano

Echoing many Shakespearean themes of dual identities, sibling rivalry and jealousy, and sweet love stories, A Matter of Blood, the second installment in Michele L. Hinton’s "High Seas" series, picks up where the first installment,... Read More

Book Review

Freya and the Fenris-Wolf

by Heather Seggel

When we last saw the Viking defectors of Vimp the Viking’s Epic Voyage, they had landed in England and persuaded the citizens to let them stay. Freya, Vimp’s friend and traveling companion, had disappeared—or so we thought. The... Read More

Book Review

One Passion

by Alicia Sondhi

Pulling back the curtain of an Australian traveling circus, Teresa B. Matvejs shows readers a world of secrets and struggles in "One Passion". Though the circus is everything Rose Vitkovskis knows and loves, it has also become a source... Read More

Book Review

Hide & Seek

by Catherine Thureson

Many people have issues in their lives that seem impervious to change. Difficulties handling money, losing weight, or relating to a spouse can all lead an individual to question who they are and why they cannot improve their situation.... Read More

Book Review

Eternal Romeo

by Katerie Prior

The mid-nineteenth century saw the rise of Spiritualism, a religion which taught that people could communicate and interact with spirits in the afterlife. Practitioners participated in activities such as séances and card readings to... Read More

Book Review

The Concept of Labor in Islam

by Gary Presley

Muslims make up the second-largest religious group in the world, yet while many in the Western world have a passing familiarity with the Bible, it is a rare person who knows the basic tenets of Islam or how the Qur’an delineates life... Read More

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