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October 2005

Here are all of the books we've reviewed that were published October 2005.

Book Review

The Inn Keeper's Daughters

by Alan Couture

The stirrings of war from Britain’s former colony arrive like ripples across the Atlantic to the Bell Inn in the port town of Southampton, England. Tom and his cousins, Rachel and Judith, find their family’s quiet inn frequented by... Read More

Book Review

Boloney's Kingdom

by Alicia Sondhi

The first book in the Boloney’s Kingdom trilogy, Boloney the Warrior, introduces readers to an ordinary boy who will go on a journey in an unknown realm. Tony Boloney, a young schoolboy, has always wondered about his place in the... Read More

Book Review

House Call

In Dr. Darden North’s debut novel "House Call" readers will be quickly drawn in by North’s suspenseful writing as he skillfully unfolds several mysterious deaths within the small Southern community of Montclair Mississippi. Using his... Read More

Book Review

The Downtown Book

by Peter Skinner

The post-Pill, pre-AIDS decade of 1974—1984 was uniquely rich in art and performance. Because most locations are gone, many artists displaced, much “product” lost to the public, and even the most arresting work and events slipping... Read More

Book Review

Messages from a Small Town

Cultural Cues: “On a Saturday afternoon my car broke down next to the Evans pit, from which the sounds of the Italian opera could be heard. Looking over the edge, I could see a lone rockman shoveling slate rubbish, the radio in his... Read More

Book Review

No Sisters Sisters Club

by Kaavonia Hinton

It seems that eleven-year-old Bailey is finally adjusting to living with her grandmother, Sugar, in Central Virginia when this second Bailey Fish Adventure book begins. Her mother is still away on business in Costa Rica, but Bailey seems... Read More

Book Review

Bella Basset Ballerina

by Elizabeth Breau

Endorsements from canine friends and relations of the author adorn the back cover of this charming tale in which a young pooch, who lives in Bowserburg (a suburb of tony Fideaux Falls), disregards doggy destiny to achieve her dream of... Read More

Book Review

New and Selected Poems

by Karen McCarthy

This poet contemplates the natural world with deep and soulful attention, and then, with simple words sparely arranged, verbalizes the relationship between Earth and the human spirit. She provides the modern voice of the spirituality... Read More

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