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May 2004

Here are all of the books we've reviewed that were published May 2004.

Book Review


by Scott Neuffer

Two best friends grapple with an AIDS diagnosis in this humane novel about suffering and friendship. L. A. Long’s new novella, Bo, is a moving account of two friends coming face-to-face with the ugly, but not defeating, reality of... Read More

Book Review

The Will Power

It’s hard to imagine sitting down with Maurice Elmalem’s comprehensive martial arts guide and getting through it in a day a week or even a month. In fact sitting down is likely the opposite of what Elmalem who holds a slew of world... Read More

Book Review

Small Spirits

by Deborah Donovan

A striking Teton Lakota doll dressed in fringed buckskin, delicately beaded in hues of turquoise and blue, a beaded knife sheath hanging from her belt, and her long double earrings fashioned from porcupine quills, stares out from the... Read More

Book Review

Grave Undertaking

by Paula Scardamalia

Readers are familiar with private eyes, retired police, and charming old ladies who knit as detectives, but an undertaker as detective opens up new possibilities for crime solving. A native of North Carolina, the author brings to this... Read More

Book Review

Olympic Games

by Paula Scardamalia

In the humorous style of Tom Robbins, this novel tells an amusing yet wise story about love and power. Its quirky, recognizable characters act out a comedy of errors, replaying the old roles and conflicts of Greek myths within a... Read More

Book Review

Little Caesar

by Henry L. Carrigan

The film-star subject of this splendid biography is often remembered as the tough-talking gangster who, along with James Cagney, Paul Muni, and Leo Gorcey, made the underworld of crime and the mob a vicariously thrilling world. As the... Read More

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