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November 2001

Here are all of the books we've reviewed that were published November 2001.

Book Review

Valentin Serov

by Joyce Moore

The author characterizes Russia’s Silver Age as the period in the early twentieth century when the country’s culture and art evolved from critical realism to aestheticism, and the “pyrotechnic outburst of Russian modernism”... Read More

Book Review


by Marlene Satter

As As the condition of the economy worsens and more people are squeezed out of employment and financial security, readers will find this book a good source for possible solutions. Fascinating on many levels, the book begins by offering... Read More

Book Review

King Football

“Football is everything America is—fast, young, colorful, complex, efficient, aggressive,” wrote Life magazine in November 1955. “Sitting in the stadium, watching the pretty coeds, singing the stirring old fight songs and yelling... Read More

Book Review

Angel Up My Sleeve

by Linda Cooley

The moon! It was the glow of the moon that Dana had seen when she felt suddenly terribly ill. Then the dream-or was it? A tiny green face with a red jelly cap smiled over the bed covers, as Dana lay in her semi-awareness of fever.... Read More

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