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July 1999

Here are all of the books we've reviewed that were published July 1999.

Book Review

Copper As Canvas

by Karen Wyckoff

Falling from the arc light of artistic nomenclature, oil paintings wed to copper seemingly elude classification, withdrawing to a reclusive realm of art. After flourishing with ample time and fertile foreign soils to claim interest in... Read More

Book Review

Shelley and His Readers

“We have spoken of Shelley’s genius, and it is doubtless of a high order; but when we look at the purposes to which it is directed, and contemplate the infernal character of all its efforts, our souls revolt with tenfold horror at... Read More

Book Review

Proper Mark Twain

by Brandon M. Stickney

When he first donned the white suit, Samuel Clemens became the “proper” Mark Twain, speaking with irreverence to conservative society, but really believing that honoring faith, country and family was the highest calling. A University... Read More

Book Review


by Celeste Sollod

As the future of literature and the humanities at the university level are crucial to the independent thinker, Carl Woodring’s Literature is an important book for those, such as independent booksellers and publishers, whose livelihoods... Read More

Book Review

Down on Parchman Farm

by John Flesher

In the early 1970s, a series of federal court orders led to the dismantling of Parchman Farm, a prison as legendary—even notorious— as Alcatraz and Sing-Sing. The demise of this turn-of-the-century dinosaur, a throwback to the... Read More

Book Review

Bring Me the Ocean

by Melanie C. Duncan

Imagine never being able to contact Mother Nature again. Never feeling the warm caress of a summer ocean, the grit of sand trapped in your shoes, the cool flow of a breeze against your skin, or the damp, rich soil of a primeval forest.... Read More

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