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Here are all of the books we've reviewed that are available for $79.95.

Book Review

Art and Place

by Matt Sutherland

Five hundred professional photographs of jaw-dropping artworks that were conceived and created for a particular location, from Canada to Patagonia. Read More

Book Review

Soul Covers

by Henry L. Carrigan

In the world of pop music, imitation is not simply a sincere form of flattery; when singers or bands record the song, or songs, of other artists, they are performing a tribute to the artistry, skill, and vision of those musicians and... Read More

Book Review

Cartographica Extraordinaire

“So geographers in Afric’ maps / With savage-pictures fill their gaps; / And o’er uninhabitable downs / Place elephants for want of towns,” commented Jonathan Swift. Cartography, that age-old science that combines beauty with... Read More