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Book Review

Detective Lambchild

by Aleena Ortiz

In the mystery novella "Detective Lambchild", people both good and evil get their just deserts. Christian values guide the unfortunate and downtrodden bystanders who are caught up in a crime in M. Lawrence Moore’s mystery novella,... Read More

Book Review

Accidental Sisters

by Michele Sharpe

"Accidental Sisters" is a tender memoir about adoption and about love within families, both biological and not. In "Accidental Sisters", Katherine Linn Caire’s uplifting memoir about finding her sister in middle age, coincidence and... Read More

Book Review

The Principle of 18

by Melissa Wuske

"The Principle of 18" is a self-help guide designed to help people attain joy and fulfillment, one life stage at a time. Eyal N. Danon’s "The Principle of 18" is a self-help book that aims to help people infuse every stage of their... Read More

Book Review

A Conversation with an Angel

by Kristine Morris

"A Conversation with an Angel" is a compelling Christian novel in which a young boy is guided toward his destiny. In Jan Cooper’s insightful Christian novel "A Conversation with an Angel", a man who had a lonely childhood discovers... Read More

Book Review

Bitter Magic

by Catherine Thureson

Based on the life story of a confessed witch, Nancy Hayes Kilgore’s engrossing historical novel "Bitter Magic" concerns a teenager with a dangerous interest in magic. In the harsh religious climate of seventeenth-century Scotland,... Read More

Book Review

Predator / Nomad

by Benjamin Welton

In the twisting political thriller Predator/Nomad, a scientist and a princess are embroiled in the case of a possible murder of world-shattering proportions. In Daniel Micko’s political thriller Predator/Nomad, a talented scientist... Read More

Book Review

Six Feet Apart

by Claire Foster

"Six Feet Apart" is a charming, COVID-inflected romance about love during an unending lockdown. In Elena Greyrock’s timely and quirky romance novel, "Six Feet Apart", people have acclimated to rolling flu seasons, but—socially... Read More

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