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Book Review

Christ Cosmology

by Matt Benzing

"Christ Cosmology" is a thoughtful, reasoned, and documented examination of the apparent conflicts between science and religion. Joel Hinrichs’s "Christ Cosmology" is a religious study of science, faith, and the controversies that... Read More

Book Review

The Gap

by Melissa Wuske

James’s relevant and useful research on women in leadership roles is thoroughly supported. The Gap: A Scholarly Perspective of Executive Women, by Wendy James, is a detailed research study that examines how women experience the... Read More

Book Review

Timmy Turtle's Journey to the Light

The struggle for loggerhead turtles to survive in Gulf waters and successfully nest on Florida beaches is of environmental concern to many. Author Carol Schacht attempts to heighten awareness of turtle issues with the anthropomorphized... Read More

Book Review


“What hurts my brother hurts me” is the motto displayed throughout Coble’s son’s school and a good summing up for this entire text. Detailing early life influences as she discusses the impact of three key historical American... Read More