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Book Review

Healing Civilizations

by Meg Nola

Beautiful and photo-filled with elements of a reference text and a travel memoir, this is a firmly grounded study of essential oils. In Healing Civilizations, Nadim Shaath takes a literal and spiritual worldwide journey to rediscover the... Read More

Book Review

Pierre Paulin

by Matt Sutherland

Hifalutin art snobs say that designers don’t qualify as artists because they’re constrained by budget, production specifications, and the unglamorous nuts-and-bolts parts needed to make things functional. In our mind, that’s like... Read More

Book Review

The First World War

by Matt Sutherland

Shuffle through your memory bank of WWI and you’ll likely visualize grainy, b&w images of trenches, gas masks, zeppelins, and mud, lots of mud. Americans, especially, can’t readily distinguish the Ardennes from Verdun, Ypres from... Read More

Book Review

J. Fenwick Lansdowne

by Mark Laiosa

Essayists muse about J. Fenwick Lansdowne’s career as a nature artist in this vibrant and intimate look at his life and works. Vibrant images fill this tribute to Canadian avian artist J. Fenwick Lansdowne (1937-2008). Born in Hong... Read More

Book Review

The Great Game, 1856-1907

by Peter Skinner

Extensively researched and enriched text details British imperialism in India. “The Great Game” of this book’s title was the half century of political maneuvering and machinations in the Hindu Kush and in India’s Northwest... Read More

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