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Book Review

Shadows and Fire

by Kenrick Vezina

"Shadows and Fire" is set in a future in which mankind shares the world with genetically engineered beast-people. Both human and so-called “supernatural” society are in dire straights: Humans are under the repressive yoke of the... Read More

Book Review

Tony Hawk's 900 Revolution

by Molly Horan

“Slider, you’ve got something inside you, a raw talent and this piece of board knew it, amplified it. We can teach you how to hone it, control it. Use it for the betterment of mankind.” Part novel, part graphic novel, Impulse, the... Read More

Book Review

She Doesn't Want the Worms!

“She will not clutch, nor even touch, the bumblebee I gave her. The fly, she hates (but tolerates it…like a sour neighbor).” This striking bilingual exploration of a little girl’s aversion to all things wiggly works effortlessly... Read More

Book Review

A Pocket Can Have a Treasure in It

“A barn can have a horse in it.” That line, considered but rejected as the opening of Charlotte’s Web, inspired this appealing picture book that gently muses on what can be found in what. The small protagonist ponders the potential... Read More

Book Review

Still There, Clare

by Linda Cooley

Soon-to-be thirteen-year-olds Clare and Elsa are inseparable, even though Clare is a T-shirted blue-jeans-wearer and Elsa is always impeccably clad in the latest fashion. Unlike Clare who sometimes is sarcastic and timid, Elsa is witty,... Read More

Book Review

The Bridges in Edinburgh

by Linda Salisbury

The wordplay in the title sets the stage for a book that is both travel guide and fast-paced mystery. The publisher intends to create bridges of understanding among cultures through its “Going to” series. “Bridges” is also the... Read More

Book Review

Absolutely Not

by Linda Salisbury

Two bugs, Frieda and Gloria, green and slightly grasshoppery in appearance, are about as opposite in personality as friends can be. Tall Gloria is brave and adventurous; short Frieda is afraid of everything, real and imagined. When... Read More

Book Review

Star Wars

by Naomi Millán

The juggernauts of the Star Wars empire, the graphic novel format, and the growing Spanish language readership combine forces to create an enjoyable action-packed read in Aventuras. Riding the success of the Cartoon Network’s Emmy... Read More

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