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Book Review

Nostalgia in VOGUE

by Meg Nola

One of the fascinating notions about any style magazine—particularly a fashion icon like Vogue—is that there is the glamorous, glossy-paged issue itself, and then there is the magazine’s impact upon the reader. Throughout its... Read More

Book Review


by Pamela Ayres

Paul Gauguin is perhaps best known the way he wanted to be known. A driven and pioneering artist, he was also adept at creating a personal mythology that explained his life and artistry in story. While the study and subject of myth has... Read More

Book Review

Nicole Brossard Selections

“I do not believe that one becomes a writer to reinforce common values or common perspectives on reality,” writes Québécois poet, novelist, and essayist Nicole Brossard in this new and provocative compilation of poems gathered from... Read More

Book Review

Making the Irish American

by Karen McCarthy

Once a year in America, everyone is Irish. No other heritage is embraced so completely as the Irish are on St. Patrick’s Day; no other US ethnic group holds a nationwide annual celebration. The unique identity of the Irish in America... Read More

Book Review

Emotional Storm

by E. James Lieberman

The title refers to psychoanalyst Wilfred Bion’s words: “When two personalities meet, an emotional storm is created.” This goes beyond Freud, whose psychology focused on the intrapsychic rather than the interpersonal. The author, a... Read More

Book Review

Chocolate on Trial

by Robin Dasher-Alston

In 1909, the English press was abuzz with news about the libel trial of Cadbury Brothers vs. the London Standard newspaper. Cadbury, owned by the Quaker Cadbury family, had a reputation in England and abroad as a progressive and highly... Read More

Book Review

Restless Wave

by Kim Schmidt

The author (1903-1996) spent her entire life between two worlds. She was at different times Japanese and American, a member of the elite upper class and a struggling laborer, a political activist and an employee of the War Department. In... Read More

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