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Book Review


by Jeff Fleischer

This interview collection is an effective time capsule of some of the best years of the American stage. Ronald Rand’s "Create!" compiles interviews with many of the most important theater artists of the past few decades: actors,... Read More

Book Review

Witness to Spirit

by Meg Nola

Robert Staffanson recounts a unique life of music and spirit, from the conductor’s baton to Native American rights. In the resonant memoir Witness to Spirit: My Life with Cowboys, Mozart and Indians, Robert Staffanson recounts his... Read More

Book Review

Children's Proportions for Artists

by Kristine Morris

Serious figurative artists, especially those who specialize in portraits of children, will be amazed by the wealth of information in this book, meant to be a companion to the author’s previously published work, Human Proportions for... Read More

Book Review

Russian Art and the West

by Marilyn Bowden

This history of interaction between Russian artists and their Western counterparts begins with a revolution. In 1863, fourteen students at the Imperial Academy of Arts in St. Petersburg refused the assigned topic for their final gold... Read More

Book Review

The Bipolar Disorder Survival Guide

by E. James Lieberman

Sometimes a serious disorder can make a person feel better than normal. Those with mania (or its lesser form, hypomania) often don’t want to come down from their high. The author, a psychologist and professor at University of Colorado,... Read More