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Book Review

Brands on a Mission

by Carol Booton

"Brands on a Mission" is a valuable marketing text aimed at inspiring corporate leaders to harness the power of their brands to improve lives and promote social justice. Myriam Sidibe’s action-oriented business book "Brands on a... Read More

Book Review

Akashic Alphabet

by Kenny Jakubas

With an appreciation for the many forms and traditions of spiritual practice, this is a valuable and accessible book. In "Akashic Alphabet", Trenace Rose pairs lyrical renditions of the twenty-six-letter alphabet with beautifully colored... Read More

Book Review

Free at Last

by Mark McLaughlin

Encouraging thought, reflection, and discussion, these lessons on the book of Luke pose unique questions to Bible-study groups. Leesa K. Donner’s study guide and course book on the Bible, Free at Last: A Life Changing Journey Through... Read More

Book Review

Mystic Chemist

by Melissa Wuske

Not quite a chemistry textbook, this look at LSD’s discoverer delves also into what this particular formula meant for society. "Mystic Chemist" by Dieter Hagenbach and Lucius Werthmuller discusses the life of Albert Hofmann and his... Read More

Book Review

The Art Dockuments

by Julie Eakin

Those whose downtown Los Angeles touchstone is Frank Gehry’s aluminum-clad, tornado-like Disney Concert Hall may have trouble conjuring what the area was like thirty years before that building starred in every new automobile ad on... Read More

Book Review

Business Technology

As technology costs drop and capabilities rise, small and midsize businesses can leverage products, systems, and services previously available only to large companies. The online world offers an even greater strategic opportunity for... Read More

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