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Book Review

Family Wars

by Alex Moore

Wearing an elegant Yves Saint Laurent suit with a black cowl, Patrizia Gucci stood up and listened to the magistrate in a Milan courtroom read the verdict. Guilty—for the murder of the father of her children, Maurizio Gucci, the... Read More

Book Review

The Flower Gardener's Bible

by George Cohen

If one wants to be happy for a lifetime, write the authors, one should become a gardener. Their love of gardening comes through every page of this comprehensive guide to growing 261 plants, with species-by-species information on each... Read More

Book Review


by Karl Helicher

Coming to terms with the Vietnam War—the war that America lost—has been a long, grueling struggle, mired by historical denial and distortion and as Franklin so formidably reveals, myths that have become entrapped in American culture.... Read More

Book Review

The Vegetable Gardener's Bible

by Sally Ketchum

Vegetable plants can get too much nitrogen. Garden pests can be confused by strong-scented companion planting. Peppers “love to hold hands,” i.e. to be planted close together. Along with both general and specific instructions for... Read More

Book Review

Unlimited Embrace

by Dottie Webb

This volume of essays constitutes a formidable, eloquent and contentious new work of gay literary criticism. Woodhouse is not afraid to stir up conflict as he nominates—or rejects—texts for the gay canon, then guides his reader... Read More