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Book Review

On Her Plate

by Melissa Wuske

"On Her Plate" is a positive, woman-centered look at healthy living. Modern medicine offers women a bevy of remedies, but the medication-centric approach leaves many longing for more. The women in this book have sought and found a deeper... Read More

Book Review

Oaxaca Stories in Cloth

by Sarah E. White

One of the important things about craft is the ability to preserve and document traditional methods and pass on cultural information to the next generation. "Oaxaca Stories in Cloth" captures the rapidly disappearing stories and... Read More

Book Review

Howard Gardner Under Fire

Creative Crossfire:The second in a new series of books features a well-known Harvard psychologist and a baker’s dozen of his thoughtful critics. Thirteen scholars review his life’s work, and he replies to each. For those who like... Read More

Book Review

The Wicked Queen

by Patricia Voice

Aficionados of French history and of historic figures and the French Revolution in particular, will welcome this intriguing look at one of the most famous, or infamous, figures of that time: Marie-Antoinette. Director of Research at the... Read More