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Book Review

The Secrets We Hold

by Michelle Anne Schingler

The young adult novel "The Secrets We Hold" rides emotional highs as two outwardly mismatched teenagers try to grow past their mistakes. A transfer student faces intense bullying in Keira Forde’s cinematic young adult novel "The... Read More

Book Review


by Edith Wairimu

In the heartfelt novel "P.U.S.H.", a Christian woman recovers from injury, loss, and the failure of her business, exemplifying resilience and faith. Based on a true story, Sahara Stafford’s encouraging Christian novel about recovery,... Read More

Book Review

Cherry Blossoms

by Karen Rigby

Somewhere in between destiny and chance, a man who has bitterly withdrawn from the world receives an invitation to rejoin it in Kim Hooper’s "Cherry Blossoms". Thirty-four-year-old sardonic Jonathan Krause plans to commit suicide after... Read More

Book Review

The New Diaspora

by Jeff Fleischer

These stories, all rich in both character and detail, don’t conform to a set genre or approach, letting their Jewish themes link narratives that have rich differences. "The New Diaspora" is an ambitious project, bringing together... Read More