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Book Review

The Lottery Game

by Eileen Gonzalez

Poignant observations on aging punctuate the novel "The Lottery Game", in which good intentions lead to disaster. A mild-mannered retiree takes the fall in a tax evasion scheme in Gerard Shirar’s mystery novel "The Lottery Game". After... Read More

Book Review

Taste of Tucson

by Rachel Jagareski

"Taste of Tucson" is creative in exploring the vibrant culture of the Arizona food capital. Designated as the first American City of Gastronomy by UNESCO in 2015, Tucson’s freewheeling blend of Native American, Spanish, and Mexican... Read More

Book Review

Supernatural Beings 1

by John M. Murray

Supernatural Beings 1: Hero and the Traitor is a character-driven urban fantasy in which magical and human forces clash. In Thierry Kouam’s fantastical Supernatural Beings 1: Hero and the Traitor, humanity’s fate hangs on the actions... Read More

Book Review

The Musician

by Delia Stanley

"The Musician" is an intimate novel that takes place in the spaces where art and madness overlap. In Douglas Gardham’s novel "The Musician", a gifted performer attempts to outrun his past, only to find it catching up with him when he... Read More

Book Review

Beeble's Story

by Delia Stanley

Beeble’s Story is a sweet animal tale narrated by a sentimental and beloved horse. Jill Cawsey’s Beeble’s Story is a love letter to equine culture and to the relationships developed between horses and humans. Beeble and Praze are... Read More

Book Review

The Child of Light

by Aimee Jodoin

A. R. Pearson’s character-focused fantasy novel continues the exhilarating story of a family’s love amid expressions of dark magic. A. R. Pearson’s fantasy novel "The Child of Light" traces a years-long war between dark and light... Read More

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