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Book Review

52 Shabbats

by Michelle Anne Schingler

Suitable for Jewish audiences at all levels of observance and culinary skill, Faith Kramer’s "52 Shabbats" is an informative, treat-laden cookbook full of ideas for those who want to set their weekly holiday tables in style. Honoring... Read More

Book Review

The Collected Letters of Alan Watts

by Joe Taylor

The Collected Letters adds a new portal to the identity of the man most responsible for introducing Zen Buddhism to the West. Edited by his daughters, Joan and Anne Watts, these assembled letters of Alan Watts—the British-born writer,... Read More

Book Review

Empty Pleasures

by Elizabeth Millard

Available on the table of nearly every restaurant, those little blue, pink, and yellow packets are far more than powder for sweetening coffee—according to author Carolyn de la Peña, they represent a snapshot of American culture and... Read More

Book Review

Life and Times

“To be constructive and happy I think we must accent the positive and eliminate the negative” the author once wrote in a letter to her son. “Dwelling on the negative can tear out your guts.” The fifth of seven children Dorothy... Read More

Book Review

The New Portuguese Table

by Matt Sutherland

In his introduction, David Leite describes his years of ambivalence with twenty-first-century Portugal, a country seemingly unhinged from his parent’s romanticized image. Leite’s travels in Lisbon, Porto, and afield, were always... Read More

Book Review

Relaxed Cooking with Curtis Stone

We’ve seen this before: ultra-honored, Michelin-starred, haute-cuisine master chef decides to chill out and author a book of recipes for casual meals at home. We won’t fall for that again, not after other such projects gave us tennis... Read More

Book Review


by Karl Helicher

The Peace Corps, Head Start, Job Corps, VISTA, and the Special Olympics were some of the enduring New Frontier and Great Society legacies of the Kennedy and Johnson presidencies, 1960-1968. All of these public service programs were led... Read More

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