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Book Review

Frank-3 Enroute

by Tracy Fischer

A tough-as-nails cop with a heart of gold metes out justice in gritty Las Vegas. “What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas” is a promise certainly not kept in Frank-3 Enroute: The Call, part of the highly charged series by authors Rod... Read More

Book Review


by Allyce Amidon

Anchored in history, "Unthinkable" is a well-developed thriller that sends readers back in time and onboard for a titanic disaster. Populated with a host of recognizable characters, Richard Cibrano’s "Unthinkable" combines historical... Read More

Book Review

Chris Christmas Tree

by Lisa Bower

A Christmas tree’s journey to adulthood mirrors our own in this thought-provoking children’s book. What’s Christmas without a Christmas tree? Ronald Skowronek’s thought-provoking children’s book, "Chris Christmas Tree", is one... Read More

Book Review

Soul Therapy

by Maya Fleischmann

Rich and appealing colors and insightful questions entice readers into heightening their intuitive skills. "Soul Therapy" is designed to tap into and hone one’s intuition through the use of the visually aesthetic cards included in this... Read More

Book Review

John's Assignment

by Kristine Morris

The world will end unless mankind changes its ways; what would you do? How would humans react if an angel came to Earth to offer them a choice? They can change some of their most cherished thoughts, beliefs, and customs to align with... Read More

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