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Book Review

From Adam to Omega

by Anna Call

Entertaining and well-reasoned, this book will even make skeptics want to believe in UFOs. "From Adam to Omega" by A. R. Roberts is a thorough review of documented UFO phenomena and an argument that alien encounters have influenced the... Read More

Book Review

From a Mid-Wood

by Gregory A. Lowe

A critique of the education system wrapped in quirky humor and a magical twist. B. P. Ellery creates dynamic characters and offers insight into the American education system in "From a Mid-Wood". With a postmodern style and charismatic... Read More

Book Review

Headlines, Deadlines and Lifelines

George Bookman newspaper reporter journalist and a man who once occupied the bathroom stall next to the Duke of Windsor completed his memoir in 2002 at age ninety-four. He witnessed firsthand the turmoil and change of the 1930s and... Read More

Book Review

Gilligan Unbound

“Gilligan’s Island must be the most successful bad show in the history of television,” asserts the author in this collection of interrelated essays exploring the relevance of pop icons in “the age of globalization.” Providing... Read More

Book Review

Naipaul's Truth

by Erik Bledsoe

Over the course of five decades and two dozen books, V. S. Naipaul has taken his readers on journeys through the postcolonial landscapes of India, the West Indies, and the Middle East. (Some would consider his 1989 bestseller, A Turn in... Read More

Book Review

Uncollecting Cheever

by David Reid

Miller, who along with her husband Jordan Miller founded Academy Chicago Publishers, a small independent publisher, presents her side of a protracted 1998 lawsuit between their publishing house and the Cheever family over Academy Chicago... Read More