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Book Review

Look to the Sun

by Aimee Jodoin

In Emmie Mears’s dystopian novel of political unrest "Look to the Sun", a book, a pocket watch, and an unknown history bring two individuals together to combat an oppressive government. As a political party called the National... Read More

Book Review

Life Lived Wild

by Wendy Hinman

In "Life Lived Wild", outdoorsman, writer, filmmaker, and conservationist Rick Ridgeway recounts his thrilling adventures in the world’s most remote regions. Ridgeway’s daring life is filled with newsworthy firsts. He was the first... Read More

Book Review

The Longest Story

by Melissa Wuske

Richard Girling’s "The Longest Story" is a social science examination of the relationships between humans and animals—a topic that’s seldom considered, but is close at hand and environmentally relevant. To varying degrees, human... Read More

Book Review


by Sarah White

"Winterland" is full of design advice for gardeners, meant to inspire them even beyond the growing season. Gardeners in northern climates know that the joy of summer represents a fraction of the year; accordingly, thought should be given... Read More

Book Review

Tropical Arctic

by Rachel Jagareski

Paleobotanists and geologists faced injury, stiff winds, polar bears, and arduous daily climbs in the summer of 2002 as they collected thousands of fossilized plants from the ancient supercontinent of Pangea’s tropics, now part of... Read More

Book Review

The Sword of David

by Karen Rigby

An ex-Mossad agent tackles international challenges in this thriller with a heavy message. Ancient religious artifacts and Middle Eastern rifts direct Charles Lichtman’s bold thriller "The Sword of David", which centers on a quest to... Read More

Book Review

The Just

by Erika Harlitz Kern

Jan Brokken’s history text "The Just" documents a rescue operation to save Jews from the Holocaust in Nazi-occupied Lithuania. When Jan Zwartendijk became the branch manager of the Dutch company Philips in Lithuania, he had no idea... Read More

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