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Book Review

The Language of Tattoos

by Rachel Jagareski

This visual, informative guide decodes 130 popular symbols from the contemporary tattoo scene. Lavish illustrations make it a great resource for anyone contemplating some new body ink, or who is curious about tattoo history and the... Read More

Book Review


by Eileen Gonzalez

In Estela González’s novel "Arribada", a terrible loss forces a Mexican family to reevaluate their lives. Mariana is her family’s great hope. She’s sent abroad to attend school and becomes a concert pianist. But after two family... Read More

Book Review

Saka Saka

by Karen Rigby

In "Saka Saka", Gabonese and French chef Anto Cocagne celebrates sub-Saharan African cuisine. The invigorating recipes, including for Baobab Crème Brûlée and Papaya Gazpacho, spotlight fresh, nourishing staples with creative... Read More

Book Review

Look to the Sun

by Aimee Jodoin

In Emmie Mears’s dystopian novel of political unrest "Look to the Sun", a book, a pocket watch, and an unknown history bring two individuals together to combat an oppressive government. As a political party called the National... Read More

Book Review

Life Lived Wild

by Wendy Hinman

In "Life Lived Wild", outdoorsman, writer, filmmaker, and conservationist Rick Ridgeway recounts his thrilling adventures in the world’s most remote regions. Ridgeway’s daring life is filled with newsworthy firsts. He was the first... Read More

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