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Book Review

Looking for the Hidden Folk

by Rebecca Foster

For decades, cultural historian Nancy Marie Brown has been fascinated by Iceland, a nation of natural and supernatural wonders. Her book "Looking for the Hidden Folk" is a mischievous guide to reclaiming sacred connections to places as a... Read More

Book Review

Reflections on Mountaineering

by Michele Sharpe

The musing poems in "Reflections on Mountaineering" chart a course through a personal, enigmatic relationship with mountain landscapes. Alan V. Goldman’s poetry collection "Reflections on Mountaineering" explores the challenge and... Read More

Book Review

Woman, Watching

by Kristine Morris

"Woman, Watching" is Merilyn Simonds’s account of the remarkable life and legacy of Louise de Kiriline Lawrence, the amateur ornithologist and author who has been called “the Canadian Rachel Carson.” Born into Sweden’s landed... Read More

Book Review

Reclaiming Two-Spirits

by Danielle Ballantyne

Historian of Native America Gregory D. Smithers’s "Reclaiming Two-Spirits" tackles the colonization of sexuality and gender in Indigenous American communities. “‘Two-Spirit,’” Smithers explains, “is derived from the Northern... Read More

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