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Book Review

Becoming Soul

by Jeremiah Rood

In the spiritual novel "Becoming Soul", a woman’s experiences with family and motherhood foster her connection to the divine. In El Alma’s spiritual novel "Becoming Soul", a parable is used to suggest means of personal development. A... Read More

Book Review

A River Called Time

by Aimee Jodoin

Courttia Newland’s "A River Called Time" is an expansive speculative novel in which the British did not colonize Africa, but instead sought to learn from its cultures. In an alternate reality London, Markriss has been selected to live... Read More

Book Review

This Here Is Devil's Work

by John M. Murray

In Curtis Bradley Vickers’s harrowing novel This Here Is Devil’s Work, two wildland firefighters and a cattle rustler are thrust together when lightning sparks a blaze. Morgan is a brash but effective member of the Ruby Mountain... Read More

Book Review

All Abroad

by Karen Rigby

Marveling over the act of voyaging, Geoffrey Weill’s "All Abroad" is a quintessential travel text. Recalling time tables and hotels, iconic poster designs, and the New York office of the Thomas Cook travel group, the book records... Read More

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