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Book Review


by Stephen Siciliano

Lipse’s project is a labor of love written for advocates of individual rights. Mark Lipse’s "Misgovernment" is an in-depth treatise on present day political economies and the barriers that those in power erect to life, liberty, and... Read More

Book Review

Rain Maker

by Rose Garrett

Sumptuous characters and an enticing story are set against the harshness of the American frontier in this magical novel. Colin Martin combines love, revenge, and frontier justice with just a touch of dark magic in the stirring and... Read More

Book Review

Liberal Quicksand

by Scott Neuffer

Decock is an intellectual up to the task of challenging some of our most cherished notions of democracy. Yves Decock’s compelling disquisition, "Liberal Quicksand", will be a hard pill to swallow for lovers of liberal democracy. But in... Read More

Book Review


by Mark McLaughlin

The tiny West Indies island of Tobago is a “political football” that changed hands forty times in four centuries. According to one of its former governors, Tobago fell into a state of “squalor and depravity,” so much so that he... Read More

Book Review

Thistles in the Corn

by Geraldine Richards

“There be allus summat as’ll come along to spoil things.” In Thistles in the Corn, by Anne Armstrong, the idea that happiness and good fortune never last is as true for farmer Ephraim Stower’s corn crop as it is for Will Smythe,... Read More