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Book Review


by Barry Silverstein

This book will be of major significance to senior managers who want to apply sophisticated thinking. "Gear-Up!" by Mark van Dongen is a thorough if somewhat academic treatise on leadership development in business. Van Dongen’s... Read More

Book Review

There Once Was a Girl

by Will Tyler

This is a story to be shared, and those in similar situations looking for support might take comfort. Josie Townsend’s "There Once Was a Girl" is the tragic but honest recounting of a young woman’s life that spun out of control, a... Read More

Book Review

First Adult

by Renate Childs

A vivid universe and empathetic characters are used to impart hope in this well-imagined work of science fiction. In David Alomes’s science fiction novel First Adult, a well-established universe and strong characters are used to... Read More

Book Review

Nothing Lasts Forever

by Michelle Newby

This compelling historical novella examines Australia’s development through the story of one young man. "Nothing Lasts Forever" is an engaging historical novella by Althea Foster that imagines the life of a young Samoan warrior taken... Read More

Book Review


by Susan Waggoner

"Intruders" is a solid and suspenseful adventure with satisfyingly complex themes and vividly imagined protagonists. The “ancient aliens” theory gets new life in Zhen Lyu’s challenging but imaginative fantasy adventure novel,... Read More

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