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Book Review

A Perfect Blindness

by Constance Augusta A. Zaber

"A Perfect Blindness" is a grunge rock fantasy with an operatic sense of drama. Is it possible to achieve fame and glory without letting go of your humanity? This familiar question is engaged by W. Lance Hunt in his novel, "A Perfect... Read More

Book Review


by John M. Murray

"Swarm" rips its plot from today’s headlines and sets up an incredibly introspective and action-packed thriller. "Swarm" by Guy Garcia is a rip-roaring techno-thriller tinged with ponderous questions, larger-than-life characters, and... Read More

Book Review

Italy Invades

by Rebecca Foster

This accessible encyclopedia of Italy’s military and cultural influence over the centuries is a lively, conversational book full of surprising facts. “Italy has had a troubled, sometimes tragic, history. Rome lived by the sword and... Read More

Book Review

Conquistador Voices, Vol. I

by Stephanie Bucklin

Conquistador Voices is an interesting and wide-ranging look at a critical period in history. In a two-volume work, Kevin H. Siepel offers a comprehensive look at the Spanish conquest of the Americas through the eyes of those who... Read More

Book Review

Hazing Aging

by Kristine Morris

The news that the much-feared aging process can be controlled is exciting, indeed. Getting older does not have to mean aching joints, memory impairment, brain atrophy, heart failure, and more, according to Dr. Robert Buckingham, whose... Read More

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