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Here are all of the books we've reviewed that are available for $22.50.

Book Review

Echo of the Past

by Susan Waggoner

Absorbing, memorable, and moving, "Echo of the Past" is a fully imagined tale of lives caught in the jaws of history. The tragic and entwined histories of twentieth-century Russia and Germany are brought poignantly to life in in Polina... Read More

Book Review

Letter to a Young Farmer

by Anna Call

This engaging, conversational book dispenses life advice for farmers and others who seek to live close to the earth. *Letter to a Young Farmer *is an accumulation of wisdom with a large dollop of humor and a conversational tone that will... Read More

Book Review

And They Shall Wear Purple

by Matt Sutherland

Delight in the presence of a poet so sane as to make you want to sit at her feet, lean against her knees. And yet, Jean Hollander’s poetry won’t stroke your cheek with comforting missives—her work is commanding, powerful, spare as... Read More

Book Review

Angels at the Gate

by Karen Rigby

A tale set in biblical times comes to life for a literary audience. T. K. Thorne’s "Angels at the Gate" imagines the story of Lot’s unnamed wife. Cast as Adira in this memorable telling, the once nomadic “daughter of the wind” is... Read More

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