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Book Review

New Blue

by Benjamin Welton

"New Blue" is a realistic novel about the vicissitudes of a rookie policeman’s year. John D. Drake and Kevin C. Kozak’s picaresque novel "New Blue" concerns the rookie year of a police officer in a Florida beach town. The novel,... Read More

Book Review

Turning Down the Noise

by Melissa Wuske

Heartfelt and with touches of humor, Christine Jackman’s "Turning Down the Noise" showcases the inviting power of silence. The book tracks Jackson’s growth into appreciation of the practice of silence. Her development happened in... Read More

Book Review


by Benjamin Welton

A couple faces down terrorists in this exciting, modern thriller. In A. A. Freda’s supercharged thriller "Qisas", a daring couple fights terrorism in the US and beyond—and the fight is personal. This entry in the Sam and James series... Read More

Book Review

The Iron Labyrinth

by John M. Murray

"The Iron Labyrinth" is a psychological fantasy novel in which a man who’s forced to confront human nature comes to understand the price of pursuing his goals. In Merrilee Beckman’s fantasy novel "The Iron Labyrinth", a man is... Read More

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