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Book Review

Comeback Evolution

by Matt Sutherland

His talent unmistakable from the earliest days, Walter K. Delbridge was sidetracked by the civil rights movement, Vietnam draft, schizophrenia, and institutionalization—though his recovery was never a question, even while he labored in... Read More

Book Review

Bad Mothers, Bad Daughters

by Karen Mulvahill

Several of the stories in Maya Sonenberg’s collection "Bad Mothers, Bad Daughters" are fairy tales. Although populated with kings and princesses and dragons and giants, these fairy tales also contain a dash of the modern. There’s a... Read More

Book Review

Pretend Plumber

by Addissyn House

In the coming-of-age novel "Pretend Plumber", an LGBTQ+ girl learns to navigate her Los Angeles life with authenticity. In Stephanie Barbé Hammer’s new adult novel "Pretend Plumber", a thirteen-year-old questions how she fits into her... Read More

Book Review

Moldy Strawberries

by Monica Carter

Brazilian writer Caio Fernando Abreu shines light on authoritarian 1980s Brazil, giving voice to those who were oppressed and ignored during the AIDS epidemic, in his exuberant short story collection "Moldy Strawberries". With a ranging... Read More

Book Review

The Blast

by Meg Nola

Joseph Matthews’s clamorous, complex novel "The Blast" is set in San Francisco in 1916. It contrasts the city’s burgeoning capitalist prosperity with its increasing climate of social unrest. Blue is a born San Franciscan of Sicilian... Read More

Book Review

Kicking Glass

by Sarah White

Neile Cooper’s "Kicking Glass" explores stained glass-making with tutorials and colorful inspirations. Cooper’s book takes some of the mystery and fear out of making stained glass, outlining detailed information about setting up... Read More

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