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Book Review

The Astrology Fix

by Kristine Morris

In "The Astrology Fix", noted astrologer Theresa Cheung decodes the cosmic influences revealed in each person’s birth chart and recommends practices and rituals to balance each individual’s “shining” and “shadow” elements.... Read More

Book Review


by Peter Dabbene

Elisa Macellari’s graphic biography "Kusama" concentrates on the life and work of artist Yayoi Kusama. The book follows a natural arc, moving from Kusama’s childhood in Japan, and her first interest in art, to her years of growing... Read More

Book Review

The Magdalene Deception

by Karen Rigby

"The Magdalene Deception" is an impassioned thriller that’s directed by Church mysteries, featuring a crystalline portrait of persistence. In Gary McAvoy’s steady, Vatican-set thriller, "The Magdalene Deception", an attractive duo... Read More

Book Review

Ghosts Still Linger

by Matt Sutherland

The historical West was lawless and degenerate—a place of perps and victims, lots of victims. Kat Cameron is haunted by the experiences of those least among us, commoners of the Western prairies, especially women, and her searing work... Read More

Book Review

The Divided Twin

by Jeremiah Rood

Brilliant and disturbing, M. Billiter’s novel "The Divided Twin" takes a grim look inside the mind of a killer. On the surface, Aaron and Branson Kovak are two normal identical twins juggling the demands of their final year of college.... Read More

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