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Book Review

R is for Rainbow

by Danielle Ballantyne

A troupe of animals guide children through the alphabet, showcasing valuable lessons and unlikely partnerships. Here, N is for “never giving up,” while C–“cupcakes and carefully planned getaways”—is paired with a whimsical... Read More

Book Review

Back Story Alaska

by Joseph S. Pete

"Back Story Alaska" is an entertaining love story about Alaska. Lance Brewer’s engaging memoir "Back Story Alaska" explores the state’s bush territory from the perspective of an unlikely tour guide—a “city boy and lawyer” who... Read More

Book Review

El Reino del Terror

by Kristine Morris

Part historical text and part political thriller frightening in its reality, "El Reino del Terror" presents a wealth of information on a tormented era in Latin America’s history. El Reino del Terror: Un caso insólito vivido durante el... Read More

Book Review

In the Ruins

by Scott Neuffer

This unsparing, unflinching, and darkly poetic account of the 1909 massacre of 30,000 Armenians in Adana, Turkey, makes Joseph Conrad’s Heart of Darkness seem like leisure reading. That’s because Zabel Yessayan, one of the most... Read More

Book Review

Health Smart Epiphany!

by Sheila M. Trask

We all know by now that diet and exercise are healthy; Dr. Souadjian shows us why and how. In a health-care system focused on diagnosis and treatment, prevention often gets short shrift. Dr. J. V. Souadjian aims to address this imbalance... Read More

Book Review

A Conservationist Perspective

by Maria Siano

While growing up in Sydney, Australia, Alan Weatherley developed a curiosity about animals, insects, and marine life. In the fifty years he’s been working as a scientist, his interest in the natural world has never waned. With "A... Read More

Book Review

The Alchymist and the Silurist

With a wordy reserved style slightly reminiscent of Dickens but without the old master’s knack for storytelling James E. Vaughan attempts to fictionalize the lives of his quirky and historical ancestors: Thomas the alchemist Vaughan... Read More

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