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Book Review

All the Tiny Beauties

by Addissyn House

Set in California, Jenn Scott’s novel "All the Tiny Beauties" is a multigenerational story of love and survival. Since he was young, Webb struggled, time and again, to fill the imposed social rituals of “manliness.” Scared to be... Read More

Book Review

This Fierce Blood

by Camille-Yvette Welsch

Malia Márquez’s intense multigenerational novel "This Fierce Blood" incorporates magical realism into its story of three women struggling with family and social expectations. In Vermont, Wilhemina marries Norwegian Johannes, rather... Read More

Book Review

Springer Mountain

by Ashley Holstrom

A short fever dream of a book, "Springer Mountain" combines historical records with personal philosophies about the evolution of meat-eating and vegetarianism in human beings. Wyatt Williams, a restaurant critic, was on a mission to... Read More

Book Review

These Bodies

by Tanisha Rule

In the whirling, spirited short stories of Morgan Christie’s "These Bodies", familiar concerns meet metaphorical otherworldliness. Unable to find seasoning salt anywhere in town, a woman finds a store on a previously unseen street; she... Read More

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