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Book Review


by Catherine Thureson

The mysterious origins of a famous Italian character are plumbed for a story in this upbeat picture book. Grace Germana’s picture book "Arlecchino" plays upon the origins of a famous figure in Italian culture—the Harlequin. The... Read More

Book Review

Duty to Warn

by John M. Murray

Sara Kersting’s "Duty to Warn" is a finely tuned, suspenseful chase story. Psychologist David Malden has been working with a patient, Robert Percy, during his off hours. When Percy suddenly returns to rural Michigan, Malden fears the... Read More

Book Review

An Uncut Diamond

by Karen Rigby

This tough yet valuable memoir reveals a woman who overcame a harsh upbringing; learning to love herself becomes an act of courage. At once an origin story and a journey into academia, "An Uncut Diamond" traverses history with arresting... Read More

Book Review

Ivy vs. Dogg

by Nancy Powell

Brian Leung’s "Ivy vs. Dogg" delivers a stinging commentary of how unchecked voyeurism has impacted modern politics, making it a politician’s business to get into everybody’s business. This Election for the internet age is a heady,... Read More

Book Review

The Three Souls

by Felicia Topp

The intriguing concept of reincarnation colors this prison story. Bill Thomas’s "The Three Souls" is a brisk story with an intriguing premise, centered on mistaken identity, the trials of prison life, and reincarnation. The story is... Read More

Book Review


by Nancy Powell

This family-centered young adult fantasy novel successfully integrates its spiritual themes. The first book in a young adult Christian fantasy series, J. F. Tucker’s "Revelations" is a well-composed drama in which a teenager fights to... Read More

Book Review

Poems for the Young at Heart

by James Burt

With an honest tone and real heart, Lombardo tackles the topic of love in his new collection of poetry. There are shelves and shelves of love poems in libraries around the world. In truth, it’s the most complex topic to write about... Read More

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