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Book Review

The Art of Gay Cooking

by Rachel Jagareski

In his deliciously witty "The Art of Gay Cooking", Daniel Isengart serves up a memoir with recipes from his youth in France and Germany and from his extensive travels with his husband, artist Filip Noterdaeme. The book is a contemporary... Read More

Book Review

Missing Angel

by Julia Ann Charpentier

People from all backgrounds find the concept of a guardian angel comforting. Nothing is more reassuring than the belief that an invisible entity in another dimension will defend us from harm. Solace can be found in contemplating this... Read More

Book Review

Invisible Woman

by Dawn Goldsmith

Jagdish Kulkarni, a physician and psychiatrist, offers insight, understanding, and ways to cope in his book Invisible Woman: I to I: Invisibility to Invincibility. The book, just one part of the Invisible Woman brand, is joined by a Web... Read More

Book Review


Spizzerinktum? “Dad I can’t find that word in the dictionary at school where did you hear it?” asked Kenny. “Why I didn’t hear it anywhere Kenny. I just made it up because you boys are so full of pep vim and vinegar and a lot... Read More